Dr. R. B. Smarta

He has designed management agenda for profitable growth, relevant expansion, launching new concepts, ideas and projects for National and Global clients in Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Wellness. Being in the industry for more than 4 decades & in consulting as a pioneer for 3 decades, he has a perfect blend of industry and consulting best practices. Academically, he is MSc (Drugs), MMS and has PHD to his credit. Through Interlink, as a strategy and advisory consultancy, he has added value and impact on performance of wide variety of clients, by improving business performance, operational efficiency, sales and marketing excellence, and other challenges. He is also pioneer in bringing Video-based Skills Development packages in Pharmaceutical selling and marketing.

He firms Interlink has also created intellectual property through management models, tools & techniques to achieve better performance year after year, of people and brands. Dr. Smarta has many trademarks and copyrights to his credit as IPRs. As a Ph.D. guide, he has successfully guided four students to their Ph.D. He has authored 6 books which have been published by national and international publishers for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical sectors.

Mrs. Naaznin Husein

Mrs. Naaznin Husein is well known name in the field for Nutrition & wellness. She is the founder of FREEDOM Lifestyle & Wellness centre, Mumbai which in involved in bringing health & wellness through nutrition, exercise for fitness & through Yoga. She is the Chief Nutrition Advisor to Indian Navy & is the President, Indian Dietetic Association. She has been instrumental in carrying out numerous researches on importance of nutrition & yoga in being critical factor for wellness across various social groups & medical conditions. She is also an advisor to many Sports Personalities, Media Celebrities & Bollywood Celebrities.